Cheers to December Y'all! I cannot process the fact that it's officially winter already. My brain is kinda stuck in ''Summer Mode''! Anyone else is running around to finish their Christmas shopping? ...seriously, I'm ridiculous. Always the same story each year; I might run out of time, again!

Anyway, I wanted to share some news with you today. La Fabrique Crépue, a well-known lifestyle blog here in Quebec contacted me a few months ago to ask me if I would love to be their featured artist for the month of December on their blog! The mandate was to create three different illustrations that would become their blog banners for the whole month. EXCITING, right?! Of course, I accepted right away!

wreckless x la fab crep



I'd like to introduce you to a lovely girl that I've met a couple of years ago. Her name is Patricia and she's from Montreal. She recently launched her own brand called La Pimbêche. I thought my blog would be a great platform to share with you her lovely creations and also get to know the story behind it.

La Pimbêche celebrates the equality of the female gender and self-affirmation of all the women around the world. Her line features a variety of colorful patches with fun and powerful taglines. Each patch has its own little story but they all point in the same direction: the celebration of women's self-expression and acceptance. Personally, I share the same vision as Patricia where I dream of a world where everyone could be equal, no matter their gender. It was obvious that I would fall in love with her stuff, and would rock them on many outfits!

So without any further due, here's the interview I did with her :)




I recently had the opportunity to do a collaboration with Element Women and as soon as I started talking with them I felt like we already had an amazing chemistry and felt super comfortable right away, kinda knew that this would be a super fun collab to do. I've been following their Instagram account for a while now and personally, I prefer when the Instagram feed of a company is not all about their products (flat lays) and professional shoots but tend to be more inspirational and creative than that. EW 's feed contains a mix of fashion trends, creative DIY ideas, positive quotes, etc. I feel like Element Women's is about creativity, uniqueness and the affirmation of yourself and this really speaks to me!

So here's a brief history of how one of the most influential skate brands actually decided to design a woman-specific line. Everything started when Kori Schillereff, girlfriend of Johnny (the creator of the Element) asked him why Element didn't design women's clothes. He simply said to her that girls usually buy a men t-shirt in smaller sizes. In her opinion, there was obviously a gap to fill in the marketplace and explained that ''the brand was missing a female-focused line that blended fashion and function''.  Johnny was quite busy so he gave her the mandate to create a collection strictly for women. What she describes as being one of her best creative journeys started on that day. She worked hard sketching some ideas, designing pieces, looking for nice fabrics in order to stay in line with Element's classic art. Later on, on 1999 they launched the skate industry's first girl collection, Element Eden. A few years later they both moved to Big Sur, California and became official partners in life and at work.